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We are KaLoco -
World-Fusion Folk Band! 

KaLoco are a World-Folk Fusion Band from Liverpool.

We play folk tunes from all over the world in a mix of traditional and fusion styles, combining different rhythmic styles and textures to create a unique and exciting sound.

Our repertoire includes English, Irish, Scottish, French, Breton, Eastern European, South American, Klezmer and other styles.

Our core band consists of four players - on guitar, bass, accordion, concertina  and vocals, with occasional extra players on clarinet and percussion.

Follow us on Instagram - @kalocoband


We provide a variety of tailored sets which we can perform for the following types of events:

Cafes/ Restaurants/ Art galleries

We can play an acoustic set of calm background music, and/or a more upbeat set to create a great atmosphere in your venue.

Birthdays, Parties, Weddings etc

We can perform an upbeat party set, either acoustic or amplified with electronic effects.

Community events

We play a variety of community events and can build a set for your individual requirements.


Maypole dancing


We play for Maypole dancers and stick dancers, providing our own PA and dance teacher.



We can play a chilled afternoon set and/or a more upbeat electric evening set. We can also bring dance teachers who can teach the dance steps if required, depending on the type of event.

We can also provide ceilidhs and maypole dancing activities with our own caller / dance teacher for festivals.

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Listen to some audio excerpts of KaLoco songs:

Video: KaLoco playing live at a Liverpool May Day Festival for Maypole dancers

KaLoco Band News!

Recently KaLoco band has played several performances accompanying Sole Rebel, a Tap Dancing troupe and teaching school based in Liverpool.


This is a wonderful new relationship and has led to many joyful music and dance experiences, including two for the Eurovision week in May 2023 and a family ceilidh fund-raising event in November 2023. We will be joining Sole Rebel to perform at another ceilidh for the LEAP Dacne festival on 7th May 2024.

Follow us on Instagram @kalocoband for details of all our up-to-date performances

Check the video section above to see some examples of our joint performances in Liverpool.

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